Tuesday, August 29, 2017

Nearly a year later: Let's Move House

Hey friends,

For seven years I updated this joint with book reviews, music stuff, and links to where I was writing elsewhere, but Glorified Love Letters is closing up shop for now. I'm still writing, but for now, my link-promoting and book/music thoughts are going to show up at Medium in a new column called "Top Shelf."

The platform is easy, it's tied to my main email address, and I felt like I needed a fresh start. Click on through for more details. (It's also where I published my "Queer in Montana" interview series, which may revive one day.)

This page will remain up indefinitely, however, as it's still quite popular even with no new content in almost a full year. Enjoy the archives! I'm still very proud of what I have here.

As ever, you can also still find me on Twitter, be in like with me on Facebook, and check out sarahabein.com for a list of previous credits and ways to find me.

See you around.