Thursday, March 3, 2016

Internal News: 3-3-16

Hello, my dears. Time to catch up on a few things I've been writing elsewhere around the ol' interwubbery. 

First off, I'm taking an indefinite break from Persephone Magazine and Friday News Bites while I work on some other gigs, both writing and otherwise. However, here's the last post I had go up over there.

I'm still periodically writing Notes From Elsewhere for Word Riot, and I had two entries go up for the month of February with lots of interesting literary links.

The bigger news 'round these parts is that I'm now also doing some work for the brand new site Harlot, and my first post went up there yesterday: "Same/Different: How Bisexuality and Queerness Overlap and Diverge." It's received a nice response so far, and although it's more personal than usual, I'm very proud of it.

They also gave me a nice illustrated portrait to go with anything that I write for them:

I have two quotes featured in SheKnows' "Ask A Raging Feminist" series: "What Would You Tell Your 13-yr-old Self?" (somewhat predictably, I mention Noel Gallagher) and "Worst Pick-up Lines."

Tyson and I are also hard at work helping to plan portions of this year's Big Sky Pride, which will be hosted in Great Falls this year. Electric City Creative is still plugging away at local events too.

Also, I finally made myself a 'pro' page on Facebook, so if you want to be 'in like' with me, please do. Thanks!