Saturday, October 17, 2015

A Story For Desmond by Jason Walz

A Story For Desmond 
by Jason Walz

A Story for Desmond is an excellent example of the tragedies and hopes of real life being presented in a heartfelt and simple comic book format. It's a short, simple story of a parent explaining loss and hope for the future to a very young child. In doing so, a parent often speaks as much to themselves, and to their own loss, as they do to the child.

In that regard, A Story for Desmond is as much a story for anyone who has experienced loss. However, that does not mean the comic is entirely sad, as it tends to focus on the positive things those who leave give us, and the strength of families when they come together.

A Story for Desmond is presented in a simple cartoon style. The writing is kept clean and not overly adorned. This seems to be a rarity with small press comic books. Too often, small press writers seem to be convinced they need to show you how hard they are writing, rather than simply telling a story. Jason Walz avoids this trap and presents the story in a basic, effective way. He writes as we speak, and that has its own power.

A Story for Desmond is not something that's going to change the world by any means, but its strength is in its genuine nature — Pleasant, without being saccharine.

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