Sunday, April 19, 2015

Internal News as of 4-19-15:

I sometimes joke about how very specific outlines are one way to guarantee what will not happen in my writing, and it seems that four bloody months ago me saying that I was going to update more often made it so that I updated even less often than usual. So, I'll quit promising things; I'll just do the best I can, and it will all shake out fine in the end.

That said, let's round up what I've been writing since we last met here.

I wrote a few things for WhoCulture:

And at Persephone Magazine:


Record Machine:

I won't bother to list every Friday News Bites, but here's the most recent one. Same for Notes From Elsewhere at Word Riot. Here's the WR Blog link, and from there you can see my updates, along with a few other guest writers I brought into the fold over the past few months.

Until next time, friends.