Saturday, November 29, 2014

Internal News as of 11-29-14

Greetings, patient readers. Wow, I've been awful about updating 'round these parts, and it seems like I've said that a lot this year. Perhaps that will be my resolution for 2015: Get back in the regular writing game. It's been hit and miss all year, apart from the regular P-Mag stuff. I took September off from writing things elsewhere, for the most part, so that I could get back on editing my book (which is coming along). That said, let's get to some updates:

At Persephone Magazine:

Bob Marley and The Wailers - Babylon By Bus (cover)
Record Machine:

Flesh: Poems and Photos by Tyson Habein (cover)
Book Reviews:
Women in Clothes (cover)
At Word Riot: Notes From Elsewhere:

Besides that, I'm still working away at reading and trying to get my writing life in order. Thanks for bearing with me.