Saturday, August 23, 2014

Internal News as of 8-23-14

 Hello friends! Time for another massive update collecting the things I've written that have not appeared here.

First up, if you're not following me on tumblr, here's where I'm at. Prepare yourself for lots of Peter Capaldi because I don't have problems, you have problems.

ALSO! I've been named Blog Editor at Word Riot, so expect to see more over there that isn't just my Notes From Elsewhere. (There have been a few updates over there since I last did one of these roundups, so do check it out. Lots of good stuff, including the Twitter-published David Mitchell story.)

And with that, here's the Stuff I've Written at Persephone Magazine:

Record Machine

Book Reviews

ALSO! Since today is the day that we finally, finally get a new season of Doctor Who, starring my favorite Scottish boyfriend, it's only right that I wrote a post at P-Mag called "5 Fantastic Moments Since 'The Time of The Doctor.'"

(One of those 5 things is a very mild spoiler, be warned.)

I'm not going to round up every single news post I've made since the last Internal News update, but my most recent has lots of news sources for what's going on in Ferguson, MO, and also stuff on sharks, the ice bucket challenge, and my favorite Simpsons episode. Do click though.

Is that it? I think that's it, unless Quirk Books finally published that Book Arts post I sent them ages ago.... I should look into that. I am taking off September from P-Mag so I can work on both fiction and getting the WR blog looking shiny, but I do have a few book reviews I will be throwing here.

Also, with any luck, this week I'll be writing up some Record Machines that will post throughout September, so fingers crossed that I get myself ahead of the game.

Until next time, friends.