Sunday, July 13, 2008

Between Album Singles: Headphones

Nothing quite beats listening to a favorite song on headphones. From the day I received a Walkman at seven years old, I have yet to find an experience that absorbs me in quite the same way. Enveloping my ears in sound has brought me insight, inspiration and the ability to draw myself back, back, back into the very essence of the music that makes my heart swell. I’ve fallen in love after hearing the right song at the right time, given the chance to immerse myself in nothing else.

Time is never time at all, you can never, ever leave without leaving a piece of you.

Lyrics become clear.
Ideas solidify and consume.
The sharp intake of breath, the sighs, the give and take between instruments are a revelation.
Buried claps give way to secret smiles.

All your dreams are made of strawb’ry lemonade.

During epic vacations, as a passenger on drives across the country, locations determined by the maximum amount of relatives covered, headphones became a means to solace. I thought about who I wanted with me, a person who could have offered just as much escape as these songs filling my head, if only for their presence. I wanted to share the sound and hope that by hearing nothing but my favorite songs, they might feel like did. It wasn’t always the same person, but there has always been a person.

She can’t tell me that all the love songs have been written because she’s never been in love with you before.

For a long time, I would fall asleep with headphones on, setting an album to repeat until the player batteries died or I awoke in the middle of the night with the good sense to preserve their life and finally turn it off. I don’t know that I get into the albums in the same way anymore because I don’t spend enough time concentrating on only the songs. Now, I have the sounds of other people to which I am happy to devote my concern, but lately, I’ve made the time to get lost in my own head. I take all my favorite songs and set them to shuffle. I’ve lost hours of sleep because I wanted to hear the song that came next. Everything I’ve ever written is a result of these songs.

Take me there Take me there Take me there Take me there All I know is you can take me there.

Baby, I love you
Baby, I need you
Baby, I miss you
Baby, it’s the same old thing
It’s nothing but memory, love letters filled with words that never quite do you justice.
I am never more in love than I am at 3 am.

We’ll make millions writing books on the way it should have been.