Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Internal News: Book Release, Record Machines, Word Rioting, Rumpusing + Quirkilicious

Iraqi Headaches: Poems by Saif Alsaegh (Nouveau Nostalgia, 2013)

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And now the news:

If you didn't already know, I'm the publisher/editor for Nouveau Nostalgia, a micro-press that specializes in book with handmade elements. We've just released our third title, Iraqi Headaches: Poems by Saif Alsaegh. It's available directly from NN or through Amazon, presently.

Let's catch up on things I've written that haven't been here. Despite the lack of updates here (what with bringing a book into the world), I have kept busy.

The Rumpus has my review of Proxy by R Erica Doyle. It's a great book of poetry.

Quirk DIY has my post on Adventures in Book Arts: Three Places to Buy Beautiful Handmade Notebooks. It includes a TARDIS notebook. I'm hoping to have similar book arts-type posts over there in the future.

RECORD MACHINE at Persephone Magazine:

FRIDAY NEWS BITES at Persephone Magazine:

  • 12-13-13: Tributes to Nelson Mandela and Paul Walker, gun death statistics, LGBT issues and more.
  • 12-6-13: Frosty weather, Nigella court news, stranded whales, and more.
  • 11-22-13: Equality updates, typhoon damage... annnnd John Hurt wearing a baggy velvet suit, drinking champagne, and leaning against a Dalek.
  • 11-15-13: In which I flail about because the Eighth Doctor, Paul McGann, was featured in a Doctor Who 50th Anniversary prequel video. Oh, right, and some other news. 
  • 11-8-13: The corgis in danger? And Mexican Coke? IS NOTHING SACRED?! Also, the Whig party still exists. Huh.
  • 11-1-13: Marriage equality news, and an 80-year-old Russian Man vs. a Russian Bear: Involves falling off a cliff. Guess who wins?
  • 10-25-13: Rogue cows, racial bias and more. ROGUE. COWS.

Other posts at P-Mag:

Look at him, though.
Ready my swooning couch. 

Notes From Elsewhere at Word Riot:

  • 11-9-13: Lou Reed tributes, self-promo tips, Montana writers and more.
  • 11-22-13: Calls For Writers, Recent English History, National Book Award Excerpts + More
  • And hopefully another one this Friday because I need to quit slacking (again) in this department.

I'm hoping to get a bit more caught up on book reviews before the end of the year, so do stay tuned.

In the meantime, go add Iraqi Headaches to your Goodreads shelves, and then head on over to Nouveau Nostalgia to buy a copy. Only 100 of those special editions will be made, ever, and many of them are already spoken for.

Until next time!

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