Friday, May 3, 2013

Internal News as of 5-3-13

There will be book reviews on here again soon, I promise. But first! Some news about my writing elsewhere on the interwubbery:

Correction from my last roundup: I forgot to mention my March 29th edition of Notes From Elsewhere. Features good stuff from Art Edwards, Jessica Anya Blau, David Abrams and more.

And there was (finally!) a new edition of NFE up today: Jumbo-Sized, even. Features lots of Word Riot Author News, great essays from Fiona Maazel and Deborah Copaken Kogan, "100 Books that Should Exist" and much more.

At Persephone Magazine:
  • 30 Years of Music: 2004: featuring Fleetwood Mac, Franz Ferdinand, Jay-z, Joanna Newsom, Kaki King, Kasabian, Keane, KT Tunstall, Linkin Park, Paul Weller (covering Oasis), Ray LaMontagne, Rilo Kiley, Scissor Sisters, Tegan and Sara, The Walkmen, and Tiger Army.
  • 30 Years of Music: 2005: Andrew Bird, Ani DiFranco, Bloc Party, Bruce Springsteen, Doves, Fiona Apple, Goldfrapp, Gorillaz, Martha Wainwright, Oasis, Paul Weller,Ryan Adams and The Cardinals (x2), The Decemberists, The Raveonettes, and a Zoolander joke that apparently only I found funny.
  • The P-Mag Nostalgia Project: 1996: wherein I get to talk about all the happenings that struck my fancy when it came to news and entertainment from that year.
  • My book reviews for Unknown Pleasures: Inside Joy Division by Peter Hook and Dora: A Headcase by Lidia Yuknavitch also ran on P-Mag recently.

And I do believe that's it for now!

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