Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Internal News: 1-23-13

Lots of catching up to do, as I've not rounded up my writing in a little while. First off, my review of Motherlunge by Kirstin Scott was published in the latest issue of Gently Read LiteratureIt's a subscription-based PDF publication, so it's not free to read at the moment. I won't be rude and immediately post the review here myself, but after a little more time has elapsed, perhaps you'll see it. Here's a snippet:

At its core, Motherlunge is a novel of longing. Kirstin Scott has written characters who so profoundly feel an absence in their lives, yet despite this yearning, they have difficulty with moving forward. Filled with fierce, difficult love, the story still does not let itself become bogged down with excessive melancholy, and it is an immensely satisfying read.

In more localized news, if you are in the Great Falls, Montana-area (or need a reason to be), Tyson Habein (the mister) and musician Joe Ryan are throwing a party. Well, an arts and culture showcase, to be more exact: Magnificent Seven. And because, more officially, the event is sponsored by Electric City Creative, that means I'm somewhat involved too. Our little hibernating magazine venture is more of an arts promotion venture at the moment, and that's ok too. Anyway, there will be food, booze and coffee; artwork sold; and music by the people listed on the event page. All of them are.... wait for it... magnificent.

Over at P-Mag, here's what I've written lately:

-whew- That was a lot.

Only two new Notes From Elsewhere over at Word Riot since we last rounded them up:

  • 12-28-12: A few Best Of lists, therapy llamas, and late-blooming authors.
  • 1-11-13: J. Robert Lennon's bathroom reading material, new work by Nick Antosca, and Neruda Cats.

Finally, my review of Stasiland by Anna Funder now has a bit of perspective from a former East German, my friend Karo, appearing at the end. Do take a look.

Also, I've heard some cases of blogger eating comments here. Do let me know via email if you've tried to comment and it's not showing up. I don't have comment moderation turned on for any recent posts, so they're supposed to turn up right away.

Until next time.

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