Saturday, October 20, 2012

Internal News: 10-20-12

I don't think I did one of these last week, and I've written a ton of stuff for Persephone since then. Let's get to it:

At P-Mag:

At Word Riot, Notes From Elsewhere:
  • 10-12-12: Featuring Kevin Sampsell, Sari Botton, Victoria Barrett and more
  • 10-20-12: Put Edgar Allen Poe's face on things. Or read some of his stories for free. Also, underwear is not a pair of pants. Unless, we're speaking in the British sense.
I think that's it!

Next week at this time, I'll be just back from Portland, with various exciting things to tell you, not all of which will have to do with Noel Gallagher. 


  1. Haha I only know what you're talking about with the "British sense" of "pants" because I read Caitlyn Moran's "How to be a Woman" for book club and finally figured out the context clues.

  2. I'll be reviewing that book soon. :)