Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Record Machine: Noel Gallagher/UNKLE "AKA What a Life!"/"Let the Lord Shine a Light on Me" 12 inch single

Noel Gallagher - UNKLE 12 inch

Is this the least interesting photo of a record I have? Possibly. However, I really dig these unusual UNKLE remixes of two Noel Gallagher songs, "AKA What a Life!" and "Let the Lord Shine a Light on Me." The vocals are slowed, and there's a dance beat, but you wouldn't exactly dance to the B-side. The sound is different from his work with Amorphous Androgynous and with the Chemical Brothers, but I definitely hear enough common threads to where it's clear Gallagher had a major hand in the remixes' approval.

I don't think he does it any other way, really.

This 12" single comes with a plain white label, in a plain white sleeve. I purchased it from Banquet Records earlier this year, but it's the second pressing. The first pressing seemed to be gone within the no time. One of these days, I need to properly set up a good turntable and receiver so I can listen to the more complex productions on headphones. This little mono player isn't ideal.

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