Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Book Blogger Appreciation Week: Interview with Brooke Bonett

Every year during Book Blogger Appreciation Week, reviewers can sign up for an interview exchange. The pair is at random, and this year I was put in contact with Brooke Bonett, who runs the site The Bluestocking Guide. She reviews a lot of fantasy and science fiction books, and here are the questions I had for her over email:

What's the first book you can remember buying?

Ooh. That's a funny story. The first book that I purchased was from the church bookstore. I was about 6 or 7. I picked out this smallish book with a photograph cover. It was a black background with a dew covered rose on the front. The title was Doctrine Made Simple or something like that. The intro to the book was a story. For some strange reason, I thought the rest of the book would be like that. My mom tried to talk me out of it, but I could not be deterred. I never finished that book.  

What is it about science fiction and fantasy books that really do it for you? Do you watch movies/TV in those genres as well?

I just like the fact that science fiction and fantasy books allow you to get away from it all. Part of it is also that I wish I had magical powers or advanced technology to tackle big problems rather than merely my wits.  

What made you decide to get into book blogging?

I wanted to blog, but I was very uncomfortable blogging about my life. I loved talking about books. Most people I know are always asking what I thought of this book or another. I figured putting reviews online would be more convenient. Also, it gives me a nice way of keeping track of all the books I've been reading.  

Do you have a method as to how you decide what to read? 

Nope. However my spirit leads me at the time I'm looking for a book is how I choose.  

What's the most surprising book you've read lately? As in, a book that you liked better than expected, or a book that took an unexpected (but excellent) plot direction.

I'd say that would be Star Trek Voyager: Eternal Tide by Kristen Beyer. Generally, in Star Trek canon, dead characters do not reappear unless they are from an alternate universe. This was the first time, that a major character actually returned from the dead. To be quite honest, I wasn't sure why they decided to kill off this character when they did. 

What are your feelings on movie adaptations of books? Any particular favorites?

I don't really like movie adaptations of books. Movies just don't carry the complexity that books do. Also sometimes books do actually have a moral or important point that gets across; movies have never been good at carrying that same point. I like the Colin Firth version of Pride and Prejudice.  I like most of the Harry Potter movies. I absolutely loved the Lord of the Rings.  I cannot wait to see The Hobbit.  

Tell me one or two authors (living or dead) you'd love to have a drink with.

I would definitely love to have a drink with Jane Austen and J. R. R. Tolkien.  

Do you do any sort of writing besides book reviews?

Well, I'm a lawyer, so I do a lot of legal writing, but that's pretty boring. I have started a novel. I took a break from it though. I'm kind of stuck on this one character's story. This character's story is just hard to write emotionally. I've been busy with my job and with other things. I do want to complete it, but I just need a lot of quiet. I hope to finish it once I move into my new place in the next few months.  

As soon as I have the link to my interview answers with her, I will be sure to add the link here.

Edited to add: Here's my interview over at Brooke's site.


  1. How cool was this interview. I like the reasons she reads fantasy and sci-fi, which are similar to the reasons I read about dysfunctional families or characters from other countries.

  2. I'm glad you liked it! Do stick around and also poke around in the archives, as I'm sure I've read something(s) with the things you like.