Friday, May 4, 2012

Internal News as of 5-4-12:

This week, I had 2 book reviews appear over on Persephone Magazine: The Recipe Project by One Ring Zero and others, and The Marbled Swarm by Dennis Cooper. The Recipe Project is a fun hybrid of food and music, featuring interviews with notable chefs and recipes put to song. The Marbled Swarm is a rather strange novel that I described as a combination of "Lolita and Eyes Wide Shut, and then added cannibalism and a dollop of Hostel." Yeah. It's an "experience."
In this week's Notes from Elsewhere at Word Riot, I have a somewhat shorter link roundup, but it includes some great interviews, a shout-out to a Great Falls writing group, and pours one out for Adam Yauch.

Hope you enjoy. I've got another book review in the cooker for here, so you'll be seeing it soon. Until then...

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