Friday, March 30, 2012

Internal News as of 3-30-12

Guys, how have I not really talked about Doctor Who on here? I went to add it to my labels on this post, and it didn't already exist! That said, I'm currently only 2 episodes away from saying goodbye to David Tennant, and even though everyone assures me that I will like Matt Smith just fine, I am a dino who is nervous about change. We know this. ALSO... I talked about Doctor Who over at Persephone with "What I Watched Last Night: Doctor Who, 'The Stolen Earth.'" (Bonus: I also mention the movie Galaxy Quest.)

Also at Persephone, I wrote "Parenting with Chronic Fatigue Syndrome (No Oxymoron Jokes, Please)."

Finally, I've started to do a little writing for Word Riot, a lit mag/small press that just passed the 10 year mark. Today, I did a linky-thing I'm calling Notes From Elsewhere: A Word Riot Roundup. I mentioned what former Word Riot authors are doing with themselves these days, but also I talk about anything lit-related that I find interesting. This time you'll want to click because there's a link where David Mitchell compares himself to a platypus.

Annnnd I think that's it for the time being. Thanks for reading!

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