Saturday, March 10, 2012

Internal News as of 3-10-12

A few notes on where my writing has appeared elsewhere lately:

My review of David Mitchell's Cloud Atlas is now also appearing on Persephone Magazine.

Also at Persephone, I rambled a bit about 5 TV Shows I Obsessed Over as a Child/Teenager. General Hospital, ya'll.

In fiction news, my story "Before I Come" is included in Little Fiction's collection Listerature. It's a lovely little PDF publication where all the stories are told in the form of lists. And they've bothered to make it easy to read on a mobile, eReader or a tablet, so I suppose you really have no excuse not to read, now do you? ha.

And of course, Infinite Disposable is still available for purchase. It's been out a little over a week, and the print run is a little over 30% sold. These early orders are also getting custom made bookmarks, but those won't last for all the books. In case you needed added incentive.

Finally, if you haven't caught it yet, there's a new issue of Electric City Creative out, ROCK MONSTER. My writing includes a profile on musician Ryan Johnson, reviews of 2 EPs (one by Dana Jo Forseth, the other by Jonathan Ravenscroft), and various other arty bits and notes. Do check it out.

I believe that is all for now. We'll be back in the business of book reviews here shortly.

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