Sunday, February 19, 2012

Internal News as of 2-28-12 / Infinite Disposable Release Party

First things first, if you live in the Great Falls area, please come to the Infinite Disposable book release party. The mister, Tyson Habein, and I will sign your book and love you - dare I say, infinitely? *cough*

This image is not the cover, but an image taken from the book. An image of the handmade cover will be up later this week. For those of you not in Great Falls, you will be able to order the book online through Nouveau Nostalgia. $9 + shipping. A steal! It's also now on Goodreads, so if you use that site, feel free to add it to your to-read list.

In Other News:

Over at Persephone Magazine, I've posted the following things:

-My review of Indie Publishing, which also appeared here. SAY, you'd think that'd be professionally relevant to me or something.

-Get in My Belly: Serbian Ground Beef and Potatoes. This is one of my favorite things to make. It's also a good excuse to open a bottle of red wine. Not that you need an excuse.

-Ladyblogs You Should Be Reading: Roxane Gay. Roxane and I talk about movies, including the fine art of face acting. My favorite face actor is John Barrowman, by the way.

-My review of Simon Van Booy's Everything Beautiful Began After, which also appeared here last year, and I have been insisting that you read it ever since. Have you read it yet?

What else? I have more stuff coming up in a few different places in the coming weeks, so I will keep you in the loop. There's a whole bunch more of you reading lately, so thanks! It's nice to know I'm not talking into the ether.

I have a stack of books that I've read that I still need to review, plus another issue of Electric City Creative to put out. Until next time...

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