Saturday, March 5, 2011

Record Machine: "Falling Down" by Oasis and "The Roller" by Beady Eye

Record Machine is an ongoing project where I document my vinyl collection. Photos of varying quality, compulsive list-makin', inventory-takin'. (Somewhat predictably, this is where I nicked the title for the project.)

Oasis - "Falling Down" 7 inch single, backed with Noel Gallagher's "These Swollen Hand Blues."

Oasis - "Falling Down" 7 inch

Beady Eye - "The Roller" 7 inch single, backed with "Two of a Kind."

Beady Eye - "The Roller"
Beady Eye - "The Roller" Special Edition 7"

The video for "The Roller," I have already mentioned in this post.

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