Monday, March 28, 2011

Record Machine: The Beatles - LET IT BE

Record Machine is an ongoing project where I document my vinyl collection. Photos of varying quality, compulsive list-makin', inventory-takin'. (Somewhat predictably, this is where I nicked the title for the project.)

The Beatles - LET IT BE

This is among a handful of Beatles albums in my... possession seems like the wrong word. My dad, music fan that he was, did not ever really get into the Beatles for whatever reason, so the albums are my mom's. My mom doesn't play records anymore, and her old ones are alphabetized into my dad's collection which is now under my care. They're still on the same shelves, is what I'm saying. I don't have my own shelving for them yet.

From the back cover: "This is a new phase BEATLES album... essential to the content of the film, LET IT BE was that they performed live for many of the tracks; in comes the warmth and the freshness of a live performance; as reproduced for disc by PHIL SPECTOR."

Capital letters theirs. I don't know if this is a first printing or not, but it was most certainly purchased roughly around the time of its release.


  1. Great post! My dad purchased this album when it came out but oddly enough both sides A and B had exactly the same songs! He took it back to the record store but they didn't have another copy and so it remains the ONE album of The Beatles he doesn't own.

  2. How strange!

    My mom insists that she got "Meet the Beatles" when she had chicken pox as a kid, but if she did, we no longer have it.