Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Baby, I'm not SO much a dino. I still like new things.

Perhaps I go on (and on) about old songs much of the time on here, imploring you to get on these Sara-deemed Classics if you know what's good for you (dammit!), but I do get excited about new things. Really. I may be dinorific, but I can adapt! Really. Shut up, it's true!

That said, I wanted to direct your ears and eyeballs towards some new stuff coming out for which I am excited:

Wounded Rhymes - Lykke Li

Lykke Li's first album was something I always meant to get around to purchasing, yet I never did. Back when I still had DVR (*sniff*), I'd record Subterranean on MTV2 (which is still inferior to the original 120 Minutes) and she would often pop up on there. Now she has a new album coming out, and I love what I've heard. FILTER magazine has the entire album up for streaming. Go forth. My 3 year old son is dancing to it right now, which is a seal of approval unlike anything else, dontcha know.

Different Gear, Still Speeding - Beady Eye

Well, of course I'm going to be interested in Oasis-Minus-Noel/ Beady Eye. I'm not wild about the name Beady Eye, but "The Roller" and "Bring the Light" are bloody infectious in all the right ways. I'm curious to see Liam's songwriting evolve, and this will certainly hold me over until Noel gets around to releasing a solo album.

And this video has motorcycle stunts. What more do you need?

21 - Adele

Adele's another I never got around to owning, but girl can sing. NPR has her newest album up for streaming, and though the subject matter is rather singular, it's good stuff. The above video is a cover of the Cure song, which also appears on 21, which I can't argue with.

EUPHORIC /// HEARTBREAK \\\ - Glasvegas

Reading about Glasvegas in Q Magazine hooked me before I'd ever heard them. I just had one of those unrelenting musical hunches that I would love them. And I do. Their first album is magic, and singer James Allan has the interesting ability to cram a lot of word/sentiment into a few bars of music. Since I am but a lowly US resident, I can't get their video for "Euphoria, Take My Hand" to play, but this audio-only of "The World is Yours" has me excited for the new album.

Born This Way - Lady Gaga

This song is already ubiquitous, but I'm including it anyway. Haters gon hate, but I love Gaga. The boy loves Gaga. The girl loves Gaga. The mister ... well, he likes Gaga. He certainly appreciates her commitment to being a living art project. As far as the Madonna comparisons regarding this song -- Well, being compared to classic Madonna (versus more recent incarnations) is a compliment, isn't it?

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