Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Linkadoo (Housekeeping) (Where To Find Me)

I've been doing a lot of various website tinkering as of late -- something I don't particularly enjoy doing until I remember that this is a hell of a lot easier compared to the days of Angelfire. That said, I have some links to shamelessly promote to you all:

Habein Studio: The Mothership. The Fathership. The Tyson-and-Sara-Extravaganza-Ship.

Habein Studio is the main site featuring Tyson Habein's photography. If you are in the market for a fine art, editorial or commercial shooter, he's your man. He also does weddings and portraits, should that be your need.

Habein Studio is also the banner under which Electric City Creative and Nouveau Nostalgia reside. When we have a studio/gallery space, Habein Studio will also be its name.

Nouveau Nostalgia is our fun, new endeavor -- a micro-micro-press. It's double the micro because we are tiny so far. We produce one of a kind books for creative types made out of repurposed materials appropriate to the subject matter. Our first publication is a photography book by Tyson himself -- Flawed Machine, printed in an edition of 20. See the site for ordering information.

I also poked at Tyson's blog specifically, which is also accessible through the main site.

And if you need reminding, Electric City Creative is the magazine I (Sara Habein) edit and publish online on a quarterly basis. It covers creative culture in the Great Falls, MT area, though I would love to be able to feature things going on farther away than Helena. In order to do that, I need a staff besides myself and the mister. If you are a writer or photographer interested in a gig for free ad space, let me know. Print editions of the magazine are available through MagCloud.

In other news, I also do a bit of food writing over on Godtopus Eats. Godtopus Eats is an offshoot from Pajiba that covers tasty things people are cooking at home. It's not a fancypants food site, but it certainly has some tasty ideas.

And one more reminder: Cannonball Read III reviews from various readers are rounded up here.

Is that it? I think that's it. It better be it. For now.

Until I finish reading another book...

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