Monday, January 3, 2011

Cannonball Read III is upon us!

Cannonball Read (The Original), started as a challenge between two Pajibans who were in a race to see who could read 100 books first. Within one year, Brian Prisco, fueled by fist-shaking, and Amanda "AlabamaPink" Amos, fueled by endless doctor waits as a cancer patient, would attempt this feat. She died before the end of the challenge, but Pajiba continues to honor her through Cannonball.

Cannonball II had modified, though still slightly insane parameters. Cannonballers were to read 52 books that were at least 150 pages and to write at least three paragraphs' worth of a review. That's one book a week. 13 people completed the challenge, and three (including myself) received honorable mentions for very nearly making the cut. Pajiba donated $500 to AlabamaPink's son's college fund on behalf of the winners.

In fact, just to be a pain in the ass and in the spirit of Ms. Pink, I'm hereby announcing that for Cannonball Read III (which started January 1st), I'm doing a BAKER'S CANNONBALL. That's right -- 53 books. You watch. I wrote 12,000 words in one day to complete NaNo this year, man. Victory shall be mine.

This year, participants can do a Full Cannonball (52 books), Half (26) or even just 1 book and review per month -- the idea is to get people reading and to honor AlabamaPink. There are over 100 people signed up this year, so we'll see how everyone does. I even badgered my husband and friends Faythe and Alyson into participating with Half Cannonballs. They aren't quite as insane as I am, though Tyson has decided that instead of typical reviews, he'll do photo essay reviews. What can I say, the Mad Ones find each other and fall madly in love...

That said, Cannonball Read III has its own blog now, though reviews will also occasionally go up on Pajiba itself. Participants who elected to contribute to the group blog will post reviews or links to their reviews. You can also follow #CBR3 on Twitter.

Happy Reading.

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