Friday, September 25, 2009

Other Haunts:

Both Tyson and I have pages over on the Creative Profiles section of the RiVerSpeAK blog. RiVerSpeAK, in addition to being another local site that one has to think twice to spell correctly, is meant to be a central area for all of Spokane's creative culture to promote themselves and each other. One stop shopping, if you will. The site is in its infancy, so there's only a decent handful of profiles right now, but soon there will be contributors writing for the blog (including yours truly), along with interviews and a calendar of some sort. I wrote a bit about it in Issue #9.

Tyson's page has a few examples of his photography, and mine has one fiction sample and one non-fiction sample, both of which should be familiar to anyone who has read my column or this page.

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