Friday, September 26, 2008

This One's a Heartbreaker

If you couldn’t be the woman you’d always said you’d be,
then I wish you’d spared me the time . . .
You say you can only do so much, say so much
And love’s just a line
But I remember . . . I remember when I said I’d give you the sky
You said,
‘Darling, whatever we’ve got’s more than enough to get by.’
Now I’m staring back at seven years
and Lord I needed them to be good
But Darling, here’s the heartbreaker
I’m gonna be more than you ever could

One of these days you’ll say, ‘That song’s for me,
I’m the heartbreaker,’ and I say
You’ve had it wrong all this time
You’re going to see the problems, they weren’t all mine
Darling, this song may be about you
But for you, I ain’t got the time

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